MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – State pollution officials say that a northeast Minneapolis metal recycling plant has agreed to voluntarily reduce dust generated at its business, thereby helping to improve air quality in the industrial area of the city that’s been recently marked by quality violations.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency announced Tuesday that Alliance Recycling Group is the first company in the area to sign an agreement committing it to reducing pollution. With other businesses, such as Northern Metal Recycling, a north Minneapolis metal recycling plant, the MPCA has taken legal action and even moved to halt operations over air pollution concerns.

The industrial area that’s seen air quality issues is north of downtown Minneapolis, near the Lowry Avenue Bridge. In 2014, air monitors detected particulates in the area that were above ambient air quality standards, the MPCA says. Earlier this year, officials also found that there were elevated levels of heavy metals.

Pollution officials say that as soon as the data became concerning they began talks with industrial businesses in the area. Most businesses, the MPCA says, were open to discussing the state’s air quality concerns.

The specific steps Alliance Recycling Group has agreed to take in regards to curbing polluition include being more gentle with materials in railcars and sweeping more paved areas near the plant. The changes should lessen the amount of dust that gets into the air.

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  1. Ed says:

    Northern Metal Recycling is located in North Minneapolis, not Northeast. 1803 North 2nd St. & 2800 North Pacific St. are listed as business addresses. Northeast Minneapolis is noted in previous stories because the prevailing wind apparently carries the dust eastbound over the Mississippi River.

  2. Ed says:

    Oops, Should have read the story in-depth. It refers to Alliance Recycling Group. They are also located in North Minneapolis; 115 31st Ave. North. Nearly all the metal recyclers have been historically located along 2nd St., north of downtown to just south of The Camden Bridge