By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities Uber driver is accused of trying to kidnap a young woman he picked up on the job.

Dahir Aden, 50, is charged with a felony count of false imprisonment after he allegedly refused to drive a teenage girl home and instead took her to his home in West St. Paul. The girl told police Aden planned to sexually assault her.

Investigators say it was the girl’s quick thinking that allowed her to be rescued.

According to the criminal complaint, Dahir Aden picked up a young woman from her North Minneapolis apartment the night of Aug. 4. He then picked up her friend — who was dropped off at work in south Minneapolis.

Then the girl asked to go back home, but Aden refused.

“The person who shows up doesn’t take them to where they want to go,” Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said.

Aden allegedly began driving the girl to his apartment in West St. Paul. The girl texted her friend telling him to call police.

When the man and victim arrived at his apartment, he told the girl “go inside to have quick sex,” and told her to hang up her phone.

The girl texted her friend a picture of Aden’s car and his address — police immediately responded. Aden was questioned and arrested.

A spokesperson for Uber said all drivers go through a criminal background check.

“It wouldn’t have shown anything, because he doesn’t have any history of concern,” Backstrom said.

Safety experts recommend traveling in pairs, checking an Uber driver’s rating on the app, and checking in with family and friends, all of which the victim DID in this case. Ultimately leading police to her.

“You just got to be aware of your surroundings, and have your phone available with you ready to use if you need it,” Backstrom said. “And this is true whether you’re going into a car or walking down the street and somebody is coming after you, scaring you.”

A spokesperson for Uber told me Aden’s last ride on record was the night of this alleged incident. They did say he still had access to Uber as a driver up until today when they say they first became aware of the accusations.

Kate Raddatz

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  1. Dave Seavy says:

    The headline made it sound as if it was the driver that was being kidnapped. WCCO has surely gone downhill. Good job young lady. You should seriously teach a safety class.

    1. dt60093 says:

      The headline also sounded like it was an underage girl by referring to her as a “teen”. Then the article immediately refers to her as a young woman. I guess “teen” was used as click bait.

  2. Greg Laden says:

    Yeah, this headline could be better.

    1. EditorFail says:

      My thoughts, too. “Good on ya” to the young lady — “bad on ya” for whoever approved the headline.

    2. Dan Mack says:

      If sicko liberals in the government Education Minnesota union didn’t brainwash students into believing Muslim terrorists and criminals were coveted and welcome additions to the Minnesota welfare roles, we wouldn’t be seeing headlines like this. Own up to your atrocities. Reap what you have sown, and claim it as your own.

  3. Mitch_T says:

    Yeah, bring more in you F’ing globalists. Trump 2016!

  4. Breezio says:

    Muslim Somali immigrant with no history?

    1. Not Chicken Little says:

      He was thoroughly vetted. Obama said so! Nothing to see here, move on. Until the next time.

  5. Tony Clifton says:

    As I stressed before for these HATE CRIMES committed against women and children: Deballing and the Gallows with public viewing.

  6. Snarf Jabroni says:

    Poor misunderstood refugee

  7. stan lister says:

    I know two things for a fact in my life-I will never live in Minneapolis and I will never be in the car of an “Uber” driver.

  8. Because this has never happened with a driver for a cab company.

  9. HAL says:

    No, your not getting rid of UBER cab PAC’s. The more negative press you give the better it will promote us?

  10. Fred Nik says:

    Dahir Aden. Somali-sounding name. Wonder why they didn’t mention that fact?

  11. Jack Inmanz says:

    “Dahir Aden”. Good ol’ All-American boy, no?

  12. thelastamerican says:

    welcome to our country dahir. can we offer you some free legal?

  13. Joe Ramirez says:

    That guy is an idiot, thinking he can assault a girl while she has a cell phone on hand, and he’s an Uber driver with all his information available. He might as well call the police on himself.

  14. Matthew Andras says:

    I drive for Uber part time. I go out of my way to make sure all my clients are both comfortable and secure. A client has the ability to follow on their app, the path that the GPS mapping system has recommended. before I make any kind of deviation, I tell the customer and explain why, I also ask them first if that is ok, and if not, I follow specifically the route.

    This is a case of a Bad apple, and should not reflect on most of us who do try to do an outstanding service to the clients.

  15. Mike Arvand says:

    Carry. Takes care of this kind of situation before it even starts.

  16. Freeland_Dave says:

    This driver must have been a special kind of stupid. He picks up one girl and then her friend. He drops the friend off and then attempts to kidnap the other. It didn’t dawn on this rocket scientist that the girl he dropped off wouldn’t report him to the police had her friend disappeared? There is a lesson to be learned here, use a TAXI. They are dispatched and the dispatch is recorded along with the GPS location of many of their taxis. Uber calls for service are more difficult to trace and thus easier to get away with if you have committed a crime. If you want the experience of being a UBER driver then get a chauffeur’s license and your own cab. UBER is a product of the EU. How well is the EU working out today? I shouldn’t have to say anything more than that. If you want to live in an EU type of society then move to Europe. We freed ourselves from European dominance over 200 years ago and I see absolutely no reason to embrace that dominance over us again. If Europe is such a great place then go live there and leave the rest of us alone in our misery.

  17. Rusty Shackleford says:

    IMO As a software developer who has never used Uber,

    I would immediately bring it up with my project leader that there needs to be a way to quickly contact the police from the app. It would send the police all the data they have on file of the Uber driver, and keep them in connection with the customer’s smartphone GPS to track them.

    It seems like a massive safety hazard if this is not already implemented.

  18. Dahir Aden…

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say it’s more likely he’s from Mogadishu than Montana.

  19. markmall says:

    Maybe this is courtship in Somalia. We should not condemn the driver too quickly.

    Rusty has a good point. There should be a “panic button” within the app.

  20. Jeremiah Wright says:

    Another Sand N|gger Dune C00n like Buraq Hussein Soetoro.

    Nothing to see here m0r0ns. Move along.

  21. This is what happens when a company doesn’t follow vehicle for hire laws. There’s NO oversight on UBER drivers and the company has no accountability.

    1. Rich001 says:

      Uber can be sued and probably will be in this case. And they will lose because they are responsible for the acts of their drivers.

      1. No, they are not. Drivers are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS.

  22. OK, so I am an Uber driver as well. No logically thinking, honest man would think he could possibly get away with this. Especially while he is a ride-share driver, where your every miles is tracked. If indeed the alleged suspect was Muslim, that explains the blatant disrespect for the female passenger. Treating women as lesser people is part of their religion and a way of life.
    Uber drivers DO have background checks before being allowed to drive, no more or no less screening than any other type of driver, so I would not hold Uber accountable for this incident. At some point, the responsibility of the individual needs to step up. Good job of this girl to have the foresight to text her friend and take photos. Bad job of this girl to place her trust in a Muslim.

  23. Ima says:

    Who elected the people, who allowed those people, to do that to you people? Look in the mirror.

  24. Another filthy muslim immigrant disrespecting our people. This garbage shouldn’t be let in.