By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities Uber driver is accused of trying to kidnap a young woman he picked up on the job.

Dahir Aden, 50, is charged with a felony count of false imprisonment after he allegedly refused to drive a teenage girl home and instead took her to his home in West St. Paul. The girl told police Aden planned to sexually assault her.

Investigators say it was the girl’s quick thinking that allowed her to be rescued.

According to the criminal complaint, Dahir Aden picked up a young woman from her North Minneapolis apartment the night of Aug. 4. He then picked up her friend — who was dropped off at work in south Minneapolis.

Then the girl asked to go back home, but Aden refused.

“The person who shows up doesn’t take them to where they want to go,” Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said.

Aden allegedly began driving the girl to his apartment in West St. Paul. The girl texted her friend telling him to call police.

When the man and victim arrived at his apartment, he told the girl “go inside to have quick sex,” and told her to hang up her phone.

The girl texted her friend a picture of Aden’s car and his address — police immediately responded. Aden was questioned and arrested.

A spokesperson for Uber said all drivers go through a criminal background check.

“It wouldn’t have shown anything, because he doesn’t have any history of concern,” Backstrom said.

Safety experts recommend traveling in pairs, checking an Uber driver’s rating on the app, and checking in with family and friends, all of which the victim DID in this case. Ultimately leading police to her.

“You just got to be aware of your surroundings, and have your phone available with you ready to use if you need it,” Backstrom said. “And this is true whether you’re going into a car or walking down the street and somebody is coming after you, scaring you.”

A spokesperson for Uber told me Aden’s last ride on record was the night of this alleged incident. They did say he still had access to Uber as a driver up until today when they say they first became aware of the accusations.

Kate Raddatz