MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The FBI says it’s investigating the attack Saturday night where a man stabbed nine people in a St. Cloud mall before being fatally shot by a police officer.

The attack happened at the Crossroads Center around 8 p.m. The victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and most were treated and released from a local hospital.

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St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said the attacker, who has yet to be identified, was wearing a security uniform and was armed with a knife. He added that the attacker made at least one reference to Allah and asked a victim if they were Muslim.

Dave Kleis, the mayor of St. Cloud, also said the suspect was talking about Allah and asking victims if they were Muslims.

Authorities, including the FBI and the local police, say they are not ready to call the attack an act of terrorism.

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However, an ISIS-related media outlet reported Sunday that the attacker was a “soldier of the Islamic State.”

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said she was briefed on the stabbing, as well as the bombings in New York City and New Jersey.

Donald Trump, Clinton’s Republican rival, has yet to comment on the St. Cloud attack, although he did comment on the East Coast bombings.

The St. Cloud suspect was shot by an off-duty officer from another district. His only other run-ins with the law were minor traffic violations, police say.

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