MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The fiance of a flight paramedic involved in a helicopter crash last weekend is speaking out to express her gratitude for the outpouring of support she has received.

Miles Weske, 34 of Nisswa, was on board a North Memorial Air Care helicopter on its way to pick up a patient when it crashed near the Alexandria Airport last Saturday. The pilot, 47-year-old Joshua Jones, and 44-year-old Flight Nurse Scott Scepaniak were on board and are in serious condition at North Memorial Hospital. Weske was in critical condition as of Sunday night.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating what caused the crash.

Weske’s fiancé, Brook Weske (Weber), asked to be called by Weske’s last name as the couple had intended to be married on Oct. 5. Instead, Brook Weske and the couples’ combined six children are spending every waking moment at North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale at Miles Weske’s bedside.

Miles Weske suffered a fractured neck, broken ribs, broken sternum and went into cardiac arrest during his first night in the hospital. Brook Weske said her fiance also is fighting an infection and awaiting more surgeries once he is strong enough to handle them.

As a flight nurse, Brook Weske knows a lot about what her fiance is going through, but she said that gives her some comfort but also anxiety.

“We learn early on in EMS and nursing not to get emotionally involved,” Brook Weske said. “Now, I get to see that emotional involvement.”

The couple has always known there is great risk in what they do for living but they love their work. The flight paramedic and flight nurse met through their work and have been in hundreds of flights spent transporting the most serious patients via helicopter.

“He didn’t survive the crash just to give up on us now,” Brook Weske said. “Miles is a strong guy and he is going to keep getting better and get through this.”

Brook Weske thinks their family will be at the hospital for months. She is hopeful that through Miles Weske’s time being cared for at the hospital, others will be reminded of the sacrifices made every day by those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

“There are thousands of EMS workers across the country and we take it for granted,” Brook Weske said. “I think we need to take a good look at it and appreciate everyone.”

Friends of the Weske’s have set up a donation page to help the family in their journey to recovery.

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  1. Joyce says:

    I had a life flight from CRMC and when we landed on the helipad and they unloaded me, being a health care person, I’m so thankful for these people and pray for all of them as they come and go over our home. They are the best. Sending prayers everyday for all of you.