MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Waite Park police say a suspect is custody and multiple charges are expected after he rammed a squad car and led police on a chase Sunday morning.

According to police, officers responded at 7:46 a.m. to the 2400 block of Graniteview Road in Waite Park for a domestic call.

There, the suspect, identified as 33-year-old Kyle James Whalen, allegedly came to a residence looking for a gun, broke the back window out of a car, put a rag into the gas tank of another vehicle and left the area before police arrived.

One hour later, police say an officer spotted the suspect vehicle – an older model Chevy Suburban — on County Road 6 near County Road 74. The officer then followed Whalen, waiting for backup to get into position. However, the suspect took a sudden U-turn. When the officer made a U-turn to follow, Whalen allegedly backed up at a high rate of speed and rammed the squad in the driver side front quarter panel. The collision disabled the squad car.

Whalen then drove away, police said.

A short time later, Stearns County deputies located the suspect vehicle and a chase in St. Cloud occurred. Whalen then drove back toward the location of the original call, then onto a path leading into some woods before the vehicle got stuck.

Whalen then allegedly fled on foot into a wooded area west of Quarry Park and was ultimately apprehended near County Road 137. He was taken in without further incident.

He was then taken to the St. Cloud Hospital for evaluation and is expected to be booked into the Stearns County Jail on multiple charges. Information on charges are expected Monday.

The were no injuries in the incident.

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  1. Stanley Ann Dunham says:

    Kyle was just following the lead of his great president, 0bama, who doesn’t follow the law or respect authority.

    1. Mike Coxin says:

      Obama and laws.. this a muslim… you can just claim racism if you are accused of violating the law and you get a free pass.

      1. Dan Mack says:

        That is as it should be in the Socialist Village, and rightfully so. The diversity makes us stronger

  2. NonLib says:

    Do America a favor and start shooting 100% of these S*O*B’s