By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Striking nurses will now decide their own fate after 25 days on the picket line.

Marathon negotiation sessions over the past three days have produced a proposal from Allina Health, which they hope will get nurses back to the bedside.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“Already the nurses have received information about the specifics that are contained in the proposal,” said Rose Roach of the Minnesota Nurses Association.

Allina’s proposal was not agreed upon by the bargaining unit, but nurses will have their say Monday when they take a vote. Nurses say there were some gains and some setbacks.

“The insurance key piece, we offered that transition to them, we wanted that safety net and they’re still not providing that for us,” nurse Angela Becchetti

Allina officials say their health care offer is beyond fair.

“They offer bonuses and incentives for nurses to transition to the health plans, to the Allina First health plans,” said Mandy Richards, Allina’s chief nursing office.

Allina Health is offering a $700 bonus to provide an incentive for nurses to enroll in any of the core plans in 2017, and $300 if enrolled in 2018.

Allina says there will be no diminishment of benefits during the contract, and nurses could not be diminished more than seven percent in future contracts.

“I’m confident these nurses will take the best informed decision that they will make for themselves come this Monday,” Becchetti said.

Allina did agree to 24-hour security in the emergency room, and future training aimed at patient and nurse safety.

Striking nurses will lose their health coverage on Saturday. Some will use COBRA or MNsure, while others will fall under their spouses insurance.

Nurses say they will continue to walk the picket line until the vote on Monday.

They will vote at four locations across the Twin Cities. If nurses vote to accept the deal, the bargaining team will then meet with Allina officials to figure out a back-to-work plan.

A simple majority is needed for it to pass. If the proposal is declined, nurses will continue to strike.

Reg Chapman