MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Allina Health is revealing the three unsolved issues in negotiations with striking nurses.

According to a statement from the the health care provider, the two sides remain at odds over lump sum bonus plans, the sharing of cost increases in insurance plans starting in 2019 and a framework for managing health benefit cost increases in the future.

The nurses walked off the job Sept. 5 and rejected Allina’s latest contract offer in a vote on Monday.

The union is expected to submit their own contract proposal when talks resume.

Comments (4)
  1. leftofright says:

    if this were not so dumb, it would be funny. Nurses do a wonderful job and are very hard working and dedicated, BUT do they not understand that when they drive up healthcare costs via collective bargaining contract increases in wages and benefits, that they are driving up the cost of their own healthcare? So they want their employer to pay them more and to not charge them for their own healthcare? Where do they think all the money is going to come from, the health insurance companies, who will in turn pass it on to the consumers? Do they not realize, they are the ones forcing Allina to try to get them to realize all of their pay increases and benefits are not free?

    1. Dan Mack says:

      They are special. They lobbied and voted to increase the other peoples cost of healthcare. They should get a free ride for this service to the Socialist Welfare Village. Only the regular workers at the hospital should have to pay their share, not the party elite.

  2. Mike Coxin says:

    I want to urge all of my LGTB brothers and sisters to support the cause of the nurses. Dan Mack, you know you support them to so come out of the closet and admit it. No one wants people who take care of you to be the lowest paid. Look what happens in the nursing homes. Then again, Dan and I would love to be teased by the help.

    1. Dan Mack says:

      All health care is to be government dispensed and the elderly’s ration of it will no longer extend into nursing home age here in the Socialist Village. Except for the Socialist Party elite, like these special ones on strike..

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