MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Almost all doctors will say, don’t use Google for medical advice.

But for the family of this week’s Kylie’s Kid, when they asked Siri what was wrong with their 4-year-old, the answer was surprisingly correct.

Three years later, and Andrew is almost done with his cancer fight and is already looking toward a bright future.

Not many second graders would say their favorite subject is math, but Andrew isn’t just any 7-year-old.

“He loves math. He loves figuring out things,” Mark Ryks, Andrew’s dad, said. “He is imaginative and caring.”

He plays soccer and football, loves Legos and wants to be an engineer when he grows up.

“A train engineer,” Andrew said. “Because I think it would be fun.”

These are big plans for someone who has already accomplished a lot. Andrew’s been fighting cancer for three years.

“Leukemia is a cell that grows funny,” Andrew said.

“He was under the weather. We just thought he was sick, had the flu,” Mark said.

Like many, Andrew’s parents asked Siri about his symptoms.

“We knew that something was wrong,” Mark said.

Siri said Leukemia, which is the same diagnosis his doctor at Children’s Minnesota gave later that day.

“[The doctor] said that was the first time she’s ever had Siri make a right prognosis,” Mark said.

Monthly chemo treatments haven’t slowed Andrew down one bit.

“We say that it’s the difficult times that really show your true colors,” Mark said.

And Andrew’s colors are the brightest, even his New Year’s Resolution was all about staying positive.

“His New Year’s resolution last year to not be grumpy,” Mark said. “That’s the type of boy he is.”

“Because usually I’m grumpy in the morning,” Andrew said.

“He does always look at the brighter things,” Mark said. “He always talks about other people.”

Andrew is almost done with chemotherapy. His last treatment will be on Dec. 8.