MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A new report shows fewer Americans own a car with manual transmission let alone know how to operate one. And there appear to be a number of reasons for it.

The report from U.S. News and World Report show only 18 percent of U.S. drivers know how to operate a stick shift. It says that because of advancements in automatic transmissions and fuel economy, only about 5 percent of vehicles sold in the U.S. today come with a stick shift. That’s down from 25 percent of cars in 1987.

The third pedal is also bad for re-sale value, on average selling for $2,000 less than cars with automatic transmissions.

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  1. Alan says:

    It is really hard for those of us who prefer a stick. We are limited to entry level economy cars or sports cars and even some sports cars don’t have an available manual. Even BMW no longer offers a stick in the M5, so much for being the ultimate driving machine.

  2. Much prefer a stick. I get better mileage, better control, lower initial cost, and it’s way more fun to drive.

  3. Valerie Gunnink says:

    I like driving them and if it small enough I can push to get it started.

  4. John Mangan says:

    First car out of college was a Camaro with 4-on-the-floor stick. Most fun car I have had!

  5. MN gal says:

    Every kid should learn how to drive a stick and be required to drive one until they are 18. That will give them something to do with their hands instead of mess with their phone.

  6. “The third pedal is also bad for re-sale value, on average selling for $2,000 less than cars with automatic transmissions.” Does this statement take into account that new cars with manual transmissions cost about $2,000 less than automatics?

  7. It really feels like you are driving and not just steering.

  8. Rob DeHart says:

    8% are car thieves.

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