MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Target officials said Sunday they have removed some clown masks from stores and online due to the recent rise of “crazy clown” scares.

A recent craze that has gone to social media shows people wearing creepy or scary looking clown masks and going up to people to scare them. There have been arrests associated with the creepy clown craze, and a high school soccer coach was fired after a photo of himself wearing a mask at his team’s final practice appeared on social media.

Many of the instances were intended to be pranks, but some feel the incidents went too far and were threatening.

“Given the current environment, we have made the decision to remove a variety of clown masks from our assortment, both in stores and online,” Target spokesperson Joshua Thomas said.

Target officials said not all clown costumes have been pulled and that kids looking to be a happier form of a clown can still find those in stores and online.

Comments (45)
  1. Rob says:

    Leave it to Target to make the most ludicrous decision possible.

    Walmart has better prices. Buh-Buy Target.

  2. If you want to dress your kids or yourself up as clowns, just buy the makeup, fake nose, and wigs. It is much safer because it does not impede vision.

  3. Liberal Lies says:

    Oh WCCZERO and Targhetto have teamed up with the PC world I see.

  4. Dee says:

    Just buy an OBAMA mask ….. he’s the Biggest Clown that I can think of

  5. Can I still get the transgendered clown mask?

  6. Last, First says:

    Does anyone but perverts and the sexually deranged still shop at Target?

    1. Boycott Target says:

      Wow, this is number 7 on the list of why I never shop at Target. I got a gift certificate from Target recently so I pretty much had to go the first time in years. I noticed that there were hardly any men in the store and the ones that were there, looked like weirdos. So I guess that is who Target is marketing to – single women and alternative lifestyle people (term used broadly).

  7. Arlen says:

    Target has never seen a stupid, politically correct decision they didn’t like. Well, at least the middle aged, male pervert in a dress, molesting your child in their ladies room probably won’t be disguised as a clown, thanks to their quick action…..

  8. Scoob says:

    What if a transgendered clown wants to use the ladies room?

  9. Churyl Minne says:

    Must be Bush’s… er I mean Trump’s fault. Somehow the liberals just haven’t gotten around to blaming him yet.

  10. Minarchian says:

    The same people who are so scared of spooky clowns are not scared of terrorists invading America.

    Go figure

  11. Bruce says:

    …but still lets perverts in the the little girls bathrooms and dressing rooms.

  12. No Mas Ilegales says:

    Two words for Target: F***ing ridiculous.

  13. chaz Johson says:

    Target is always the first-est to the last-est.

    Unnecessary and harmful to investors. Poor decisions by Target’s top management.
    Fire these laggards!

  14. Machismo says:

    I can see removing scary clown masks, but happy ones? A bit on the deep end.

    1. Bruce says:

      What do you have against FREEDOM of consumers to choose for themselves?

  15. Patti Marsh says:

    Perverts must been wearing them into the ladies restroom…..

  16. HeywoodJablowme says:

    But they still have the tranny bathrooms.

  17. Charles Lee Ray says:

    I also heard they are building LGBT bathrooms and safe spaces. They’re also placing “cleansing fire barrels” outside of their stores where people can burn American flags, bibles and copies of the Constitution.

  18. Tree Fidy says:

    Does Target still let grown men pee in the little girls room?

  19. Golfnutts says:

    So the Snowflakes are that easily frightened?

    1. Bruce says:

      They break into tears at the sight of Trump’s name written in chalk on the sidewalk!

  20. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  21. raymond albertson says:

    Just think when they outlaw clown masks at TARGET only OUTLAWS WILL HAVE MASKS!
    Is that what we REALLY WANT????

  22. balloonpilot says:

    But Target also announced today that male clowns are still welcome to, and are encouraged to use the little girls room.

  23. What about clowns in the Target boardroom who told pervs its OK to troll its women’s restrooms, can they still wear their costumes?

  24. actionjackson says:

    Last weekend in the Twin Cities? Zombie pub crawl. Thousands, including stroller kids. No problem Target. Never shop there again.

  25. barbrab says:

    pervert in bathrooms-good to go. Halloween masks a no no. go figure

  26. “Target Removes Clown Masks From Stores After Recent Scares”

    In related news, Target welcomes 45-year-old men into the ladies room with your young daughters.

  27. Divegoddess says:

    I have zero regret over my Target boycott. This only reinforces how this company doesn’t deserve my patronage. Idiots.

  28. jorgen says:

    Now Comet got hysterical. But never mind as I am boycotting them anyway.

  29. John Smith says:

    You can not dress up as a clown in a target but a man can dress up as a woman and use their ladies room.

  30. Myron Wenner says:

    if attacked by clowns, always go for the jugler

  31. Deplorable Infidel says:

    Well, at least you can still have a clown in the bathroom with You at Target. That’s nice.

  32. Benjamin Eaton says:

    Clown Lives Matter. Yo!

  33. Target further clarified it was now only selling transgendered clown costumes in order to continue to be keeping it real.