The Minnesota Vikings aren’t the only rivals for the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have been playing the Chicago Bears since 1921.

Thursday night, they meet again for the 193rd time. Jamie Yuccas from CBS News has a look from outside historic Lambeau Field.

Driving down shadow lane, under the literal shadow of Lambeau field, it’s easy to spot enthusiasm for football.

These Chicago Bears fans have now leased this house for every Bears-Packers game for the next 20 years.

So is it hard having the rivals walk into the house? Their money is green. That’s why a number of the homes are top to bottom green and gold, and rent for thousands.

After the Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985, Chicago fans started making fun of Green Bay fans by calling them “Cheeseheads,” but Wisconsin got the last laugh by totally embracing it.

“We’ve been known as the No. 1 cheese state forever,” Dairy farmer John Pagel said.

John Pagel showed off the dairy barn that houses 6,500 cows and is as big as six football fields.

“The cow walks into the milking parlor and is milked an hour. It gets put in the tanker, driven 15 minutes away and in four hours cheese will be made. It happens all day, every day,” Pagel said.

Each cow produces 10 gallons of milk a day to make the farm’s 15 different cheeses. It turns out, cheese pairs well with… beer.

Brent Weycker started Title Town Brewing Company in 1996. His beer makers work to perfect 13 beers at a time.

“This is where the magic happens. There’s a massive party in there with the sugar and yeast, they make yeast babies,” Weycker said.

It then gets put into kegs and into the cooler. They do 8000 barrels a year. And consumption doesn’t swing with the season. But beer is sometimes named after Packer players.

“It’s Johnny blood. What better way to honor him than name a beer after him. My grandma knew him,” Weycker said.

Because even with 100,000 people in Green Bay, this is still a small town.