MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Xcel Energy announced Tuesday that it’s planning to build four wind farms in Minnesota and North Dakota as part of a project that would bring renewable energy to nearly 400,000 homes.

In a press release, the energy company said that the four farms, which would together generate 750 megawatts, are part of Xcel’s plan to move away from coal and to more cost-effective energy resources.

“This is a big day for Xcel Energy and our customers as we take our wind leadership to a new level, while bringing value to our customers,” said Chris Clark, president of Xcel Energy–Minnesota, in a statement.

Three of the project’s wind farms would be in Minnesota – one in Freeborn County, in southern Minnesota, and two in Lincoln County, in southwestern Minnesota. The other farm would be in North Dakota’s Dickey County, in the southeastern part of the state.

The Minnesota wind farms will be developed by two companies, Xcel Energy said. The Freeborn farm will be developed by Invenergy while the Lincoln County farms would be developed by Geronimo Energy.

Xcel says that construction should be begin on the projects, given that the permitting process goes smoothly, in the middle of next year. The wind farms are expected to be up and running by 2020.

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  1. Avian Sanctuary says:

    Great. Kill billions more birds. Democrats are hypocrites. Take more land away from farming too while you are at it.

    1. Tony Clifton says:

      Exactly. And how can added winds from these monstrous things, not cause climate chaos? Our birds, amphibi ans, bees abd butterflies are drastically under assault and disappearing, because of many choices made today.

      1. Tony Clifton says:

        My comment above is all messed up, I believe because Big brother is watching our post. Or should I say, big clintons.

    2. Fred says:

      The only birds the liberals care about are the ones killed by conservatives. Trump 2016!

  2. Tesla says:

    They aren’t doing it because it makes sense.

    They are making this stupid investment because liberal politicians forced them to.

    It is not viable: The electricity produced will NEVER cover the cost of investment.

    And your electric bill will go up.