By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In 2012, 52 percent of American adults voted, according to the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. That means almost half of people over age 18 didn’t cast a ballot during the last presidential election.

So, why don’t people vote? Good Question.

“For some of those people, it’s real life gets in the way, but for a lot of them, they’re apathetic,” says Paul Goren, a professor of political science at the University of Minnesota. “They don’t care about politics, they may find it off-putting or they may feel they’re not being represented properly by either candidate.”

Goren says education, strength of partisanship, political interest and age all play big factors in what groups are more likely to vote.

“Education is a big predictor of turnout,” he says. “The more education someone has, the more likely she is to turn out.”

The United States Election Project reports 41 percent of people ages 18-29 voted in 2012. For people over age 60, 71 percent turned out.

“Younger people haven’t had time to set down roots in the community to learn where they need to register,” says Goren. “They may not be paying attention to politics as they do when they’re older. They’re not necessarily paying high taxes, they may not have a mortgage or be invested in their local community.”

After the 2012 election, the U.S. Census Bureau asked people why they didn’t vote. The number one answer: Too busy. It was followed by illness, disability, didn’t like the candidates, out of town, registration problems, forgot to vote, transportation problems, inconvenient polling place and bad weather conditions.

People who made $150,000+ reported being out of town as their number one reason. People who made less than $10,000 reported illness or disability. The percentage of people no interested was relatively even across age and income levels.

According to the United States Elections Project, Minnesota had the highest voter turnout in 2012 followed by Wisconsin and Iowa. Experts say much of that has to do with the state’s civic pride and tradition of voting.

Heather Brown

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  1. The Clintons will do anything they can to get elected and THEY DON’T CARE WHO THE HURT TO DO IT.

    It’s all about them. Is that the leadership you want?


    TRUMP 2016

  2. One Nation Under God says:

    You can be like the Democrats… illegally bus in people to vote, pay people to vote, load up dementia and mentally ill patients to vote, vote under dead people’s names. Only Democrats do these things.

    1. Dan Mack says:

      Silly fellow. We have open borders and No-ID voting in order to insure that we keep our elete Socialist village Party members in power It is the right thing to do. We could never change the demographics if we only relied on professional unwed babymommas to breed the required numbers. Of course we meed to import voters from Africa, the Mideast and Mexico. Here in the Socialist Welfare Village we want to be as inclusive as possible. No one cares what country they are citizens of , or even if they are here legally. Vote early. Vote as often as you like for Hillary and all our Socialist Welfare party affiliates. No-Id required.

  3. Norge says:

    This is the biggest reason the polls are all so very, very wrong. All, yes, all the polls (look at the fine print) question “likely voters”, more fine print reveals that ‘likely voters’ are determined by who has previously voted in a “presidential election cycle”. This election cycle there are millions of folks coming to the polls for the first time and they all hate the Clintons, especially Hillary. The DFL knows this and is scared witless, which isn’t hard actually. Hillary acting like, and the lamestreams never-ending shilling that Hillary has already won, is the establishments way of trying to keep those voters home, by making them believe there is no point in voting anymore……except no one is buying their load of filth anymore. Minnesota should recognize the warning signs; Humphrey +8, Humphrey +11….good morning Governor Ventura. Minnesota is so much more in play then the fools realize, and even without MN, Trump wins in a landslide.

  4. leftofright says:

    400 million people and the best two we can come up with is a serial LIAR that costs four people their lives, lied about it, stole furniture last time she was in the White House, caused the middle East to start on fire while Secretary of state, sold US assets to enrich herself, stole the party nomination from a socialist, and has a foundation that is so incredibly questionable that even some of her most strident backers are asking questions. The other candidate is such a self centered arrogant SOB that he makes the first one look tolerable. IF anyone ever asks what is wrong with politics in America, just say “Election 2016.”