MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Election fatigue is starting to set in for many voters already.

WCCO’s Susie Jones reports on how some people are expressing their displeasure with both of the presidential candidates as she goes Behind the Ballot, brought to you by Hamline University.

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David Arbit is advertising his displeasure with both presidential candidates in this year’s election with a sign in the back window of his car.

“So it says ‘Everybody sucks,'” he said. “And it says below it, ‘We’re Screwed 2016.'”

He says he’s gotten a variety of responses to the sign.

“I’ve gotten a couple honks, couple thumbs up,” Arbit said. “I think I’ve even gotten a couple lewd gestures from die-hard believers on one side or the other, I’m not really sure which. I have an idea but I’m not confident.”

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He’s heard from a lot of people who share his opinion and are either not going to vote at all or at least not for a presidential candidate.

“What’s so insane to me is a country — a very, very wealthy, very industrialized, very mighty county with 310 million people and these are the two that we think are the most equipped to lead and I couldn’t disagree more with that,” he said.

At a recent voter registration event, Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon talked about that frustration and urged people to push through it.

“There’s a T-shirt I saw a while ago that said it all for me,” Simon said. “The T-shirt said ‘Failure to vote is not an act of rebellion, it’s an act of surrender.'”

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Even with all the talk of voters not being happy with the choices, Minnesota seems to be on pace to break a record for early voting. It remains to be seen if if the overall voter turnout record will stand.