MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Nine days ahead of the election and more than a quarter of a million Minnesotans have already cast their ballot.

Early voting is underway and many people are taking advantage of a new law that makes it easier than ever to request an absentee ballot.

For Kari Madore, voting this election has never been so easy.

“It’s really self-explanatory,” she said.

She’s among the many Minnesotans choosing to cast their ballots ahead of the election taking advantage of a new law that no longer requires a reason to request an absentee ballot.

“I have a new baby,” Madore said. “I didn’t want to wait in line and be rushed, if he was fussy, and wonder how quickly can I get this done.”

Counties across the state are now seeing record breaking requests for absentee ballots.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, Hennepin County, the state’s most populated county, has issued 114,305 early ballots as of Thursday.

Neighboring Ramsey County issued 37,142 ballots.

Across Minnesota, the Secretary of State’s Office said it has transmitted more than 366,124 absentee ballots. That’s nearly double the amount compared to this time in 2012.

Augsburg political science professor Andy Aoki says the new law isn’t the only reason for the surge in early voting.

Campaigns, especially the Clinton campaign, is taking an active role to get people to the polls before Nov. 8.

“They’re identifying lower propensity voters and pushing them, weekend after weekend, trying to get them to early vote,” Aoki said.

It is an election where Minnesotans are eager to cast their ballot in a state known for the highest voter turnout in the country.

If you want to cancel your ballot and change your ballot, you have to do so by this Tuesday.

For more information on early voting, click here.

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  1. Yeah, and how many times have those Dems, illegals, felons and the deceased have been back to vote again?

  2. I voted early because I don’t want to wait in line and I’m worried about what Trump’s cult may try at the polls.