MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Health officials say the number of Minnesotans infected with Zika virus has topped 50.

The Centers for Disease Control announced Thursday that 53 people in the state have gotten the mosquito-borne disease.

None of the infections were caught locally, and none of them are associated with death, pregnancies or birth defects.

While the number of Minnesota cases accounts for 1 percent of known cases in the U.S., the state has had more Zika infections than all of its neighbors.

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  1. Jesus looks after all people;- Penicillin & Bovine Lactoferrin example 2 grams per day oral capsules helps to conquer zika because;-

    Bacteriophages are viruses that specifically attack and use bacteria to reproduce, rather than a more advanced cellular organism. They are possibly the most common single entity in nature. I said entity, as it is even a question whether viruses are really counted a “living” organisms or not. It is estimated that 3/4 of all bacteria in the ocean have a bacteriophage in them.

    We don’t need to inject them into the bacteria, they will do that themselves, that is how a virus infects a cell, we just have to introduce the phages to the bacteria, and believe it or not, phages have been used for over a century in non-Western cultures as an alternative to antibiotics to attack a bacterial infection.

    My research proves that common bacteria can also carry viruses (site Pylori bacta) within their toxins ie their residue fluids’ note;- they congregate in’ these said toxin fluids then get absorbed by cells this happens in mosquito’s & people all diseases carried by mosquito’s are transfered in this way especially Zika & Dengue; note even Wolbachia sheds Toxins which kill viruses but unfortunetly the same Toxins alter DNA and actually cause alterations in neuron receptors in sperm cell processes’ resulting in microcephaly & Guillain Barre syndrome etc andrewlangham@live.co.uk

  2. Rose Webster says:

    Here’s the problem: Aedes are not the only vector of Zika .Dr. Constância F. J. Ayres has proven it (the WHO knew since Feb. 2016) and three independent teams of researchers from Canada, China, and Brazil confirmed this.

    Culex are also a Zika vector (and they require entirely different eradication strategies).

    Wolbachia-based mosquito control efforts (worldwide) are also problematic and could be causing a million men to become sterile. Includes over 30 citations: http://www.infobarrel.com/Wolbachia-Infected_Mosquitoes_Might_Reduce_Dengue_Enhance_Zika_and_Cause_a_Million_Souls_to_Become_Sterile