MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Candidates are making their final push before Election Day, and Donald Trump will be making one last stop in Minnesota.

Officials with the Republican Party of Minnesota announced Saturday that Trump will be making an appearance in the state on Sunday. He is scheduled to have an event at the Sun Country Airlines hangar at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

The event is tentatively scheduled to start at 2 p.m.

Both Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will be making several stops all over the country leading up to Election Day to win over any remaining undecided voters.

Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, will also make a stop in Minnesota, appearing at the Duluth International Airport at 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Minnesota last voted for a Republican president in 1972 when Richard Nixon won in a landslide.

History is one of the reasons Hamline University political science professor David Schultz said presidential candidates rarely show up in Minnesota this close to an election.

He said past republican nominee for president Mitt Romney did visit Minnesota post-convention 2012 but that was also unusual.

“Part of the reason why Minnesota doesn’t get visited, it’s not viewed as a swing state. It’s not a state that’s really considered competitive,” Schultz said. “And so the candidates go to places like where? Ohio, Florida, North Carolina.”

Schultz called Trump’s 2016 strategy a “Midwestern” strategy because he has been hoping to flip states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Trump’s campaign spokesperson for Minnesota, Andy Post, said the campaign rearranged Trump’s schedule last-minute to visit here because they are seeing tightening in the polls and Minnesota is “in play” at this point.

Several recent Minnesota polls show Clinton with a six or seven point lead over Trump.

“It is possible the Trump campaign has internal polls suggesting it’s closer, thinking that perhaps maybe up in the Iron Range they can mobilize a lot of voters that’ll help Trump,” Schultz said.

But Schultz thinks it is more likely Trump’s campaign landing in Minnesota is a move to the throw Clinton’s campaign off course.

“It is really sort of a game of chess at this point and in the closing days if Trump makes a quick visit here he might then think that he can force Clinton to now have to come and visit here and therefore take away time or resources from visiting a state that really is in play such as, let’s say, Ohio or Florida,” Schultz said.

Anyone wishing to attend either event can request tickets through Trump’s website.

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  1. Hell yea! It’s going to be packed. Lines will be a couple miles long to get in. My bus is showing up 3 hours early to drop our group off. Wish it was held in the Vikings stadium, since my taxpayer dollars are paying for it anyway.

  2. John Madison says:

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    1. I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong your comment is!! Why would hard working people pay to support it!!!!

  3. This is going to be HUGE!!!! Minnesota for Trump!!!!

  4. Don’t waste your stupid time Drumpf. Minnesota is a blue state and your appearance here will only make it more so.

    1. Can you name one accomplishment of Hillary Clinton? I just would like to know. We don’t have to discuss her and Bill trading US influence (and uranium) for $200 million plus. Please just one thing that she has accomplished. I am eagerly listening for your response.

      1. Martin Caine says:

        …..She’s not Donald Trump……………period……….

  5. Becky Mehr says:

    And protesters, where do we get let in to an airline hanger?

  6. I am not going to spend much time trying to convince someone that the sky is blue or that grass is green. If you, with the abundant amount of information you have access to, cannot see that Hillary is by far one of the most corrupt politicians we have ever seen, you are blind. If you do indeed realize just how bad she is, and still try and promote her as Presidential, you are a terrible American.

  7. If she gets elected, every time a young serviceman or woman dies under her regime, and there will be many, we will have to wonder if they are dying because of some back room deal she made.

    1. Martin Caine says:

      …..Brandon…….should tRUMP get to the White House, you will be living your last name intensely for at least 4 yrs………..get rid of the Alt Right Kool-aid and but a clue……….

      1. Are you serious? I would vote for anyone that would challenge the establishment. This is not a red or blue thing. I would challenge a bush just as much. I don’t even like Trump, but Our government is corrupt, lets quit pretending its not. Hillary is the epitome of a corrupt politician. The proof is everywhere. We do not need life long politicians in the White House. Where is your integrity?

  8. Out of all the scandals and revelations about the Clinton’s corruption, the scariest thing is how President Obama is campaigning so hard for her. Everyone knows he does not care for her. He must have some real skin in the game. It seems that president Obama is scared to death that someone else might get elected and allow the FBI to do its job.

  9. Just drove by the Airport……. it’s getting traffic back up!! Park at the MOA (FREE) and take the train, or as we call it the TRUMP train!! Trump 2016!!

  10. Trump rally and lawn signs available for pick up in N. St. Paul. 651-777-1212.