MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The political spirit seems to be spreading — even to dog spas.

The self-service dog wash Bubbly Paws is selling election poop bags. They have the faces of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on them.

Trump’s bag is called the “Repooplican” bag. Clinton’s is the “Democrap” bag. As you can imagine, they’ve been pretty popular.

“I think a lot of our customers love it,” owner Keith Miller said. “I mean it’s just a very lighthearted look at the election. People always see — they pick up the boxes, they laugh, sometimes they buy, it sometimes they put it down. They’ll buy it for friends. It’s a fun election joke.”

Bubbly Paws has locations in St. Paul, St. Louis Park and Maple Grove.

The owner says they aren’t keeping an official tally, but Trump bags are selling better in St. Paul and St. Louis Park, and Clinton bags are selling better in Maple Grove

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  1. I see Depends has a special diaper fit for Hillary lovers too. It stretches, leaks and has email capability too.
    Free pick up also by the Gubbermint employees. Under Obummmma they have created a special department called Pure Cheet. It’s regulated by the Oval Office and takes care of any and all dirty work for the DFL

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