MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Gov. Mark Dayton and Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning, and both Minnesota leaders spoke on fixing MNsure and the upcoming election.

As for MNsure, the governor admitted that MNsure is currently not affordable, particularly for a small percentage of Minnesotans who’ll see a huge increase in their premiums next year but make too much money to qualify for tax credits.

Dayton said he hopes Minnesota lawmakers come together around his proposal for a temporary fix. Looking ahead, the governor added that it’s up to lawmakers in the U.S. Congress to fix the underlying issues with the Affordable Care Act.


Appearing after the governor on WCCO Sunday Morning, Daudt said that Republicans, both in Minnesota and in Washington, have to get on board for a permanent fix for the Affordable Care Act.

“However, what worries me right now is that the Democrats aren’t really admitting that there’s a problem,” he said.

While Dayton did make headlines for saying the Affordable Care Act is “no longer affordable,” Daudt said he wants to hear the governor apologize to the Minnesotans who are staring at steep health care cost increases.

Daudt said a special session will have to come soon after the election to implement the temporary fix.

Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was slated to hold a rally Sunday afternoon at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Ahead of Trump’s visit, Daudt said that while he isn’t particularly enthusiastic about his party’s nominee, the flamboyant businessman is tapping into something that is affecting Minnesotans.

“[Minnesotans are] sick of politics as usual,” Daudt said. “Maybe they don’t like what Donald Trump says, but they like that he’s willing to say it.”

But can Trump win Minnesota?

Daudt says the race in Minnesota will be far more competitive than people believe.

Dayton, on the other hand, says he thinks Trump’s eye is really on Wisconsin and that he’s using the Twin Cities media market to get coverage on the western part of Packer Country.