MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – With less than two days left before Election Day, Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Minnesota Sunday afternoon and thousands of supporters turned out to greet him.

Trump announced Saturday he’d be stopping at an airplane hangar at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for his first public rally here in the state. Thousands of people made it into the event Sunday afternoon, while thousands more waited outside.

It was one of several stops through the Midwest for Trump Sunday as both he and Hillary Clinton make their final pleas to voters ahead of Election Day on Tuesday.

Thousands of supporters were fired up in a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican president since 1972.

“I’ve been here many times before as you know. Hillary doesn’t bother to come here, she should be penalized,” Trump told the crowd.

“Hillary Clinton will be under investigation for a long time for her many crimes against our nation, likely ending in criminal trial,” Trump added.

Trump’s remarks came as FBI director James Comey abruptly announced Sunday that Hillary Clinton should not face criminal charges related to newly discovered emails from her time at the State Department.

“Minnesota has been really hurt. Why the hell do you want to put the same people back in office?” Trump said.

In his nearly 40-minute speech, Trump gave examples specific to Minnesota.

“The Democratic governor of your state says the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable,” Trump said.

Touching on issues like health care, keeping jobs from moving overseas and tightening immigration laws.

“When I’m elected president we will suspend Syrian refugee program and we will keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country,” Trump said.

Hillary Clinton was last in Minnesota in July, when she spoke at the National Federation of Teachers Convention. It was just before she clinched the Democratic nomination.

In recent weeks, Clinton has sent a number of surrogates to campaign for her, including daughter Chelsea Clinton.

Before Sunday’s rally, we talked to people waiting in line about their views of the campaign and Donald Trump.

“We want to support a candidate that’s not a typical politician and is actually going to get in and do something, make some changes,” said Kristin Gross, a Trump supporter.

Before Trump’s plane landed, Rep. Tom Emmer and former congresswoman Michele Bachmann spoke to the crowd, urging them to vote Republican in Tuesday’s election.

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  1. memphisgrass says:

    Uncontrolled Immigration, illegal and otherwise is destroying America.

    1. No no. All the non-white, illiterate, non-English speaking, unskilled, unemployable, malcontents imported on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, and country of origin and immediately placed on multi-generational welfare and who are entitled to free healthcare, free housing, EBT cards, cash payments, interpreters, legal aid, schools, and social services simply make us stronger for the diversity. Awarding generations of entitlement to free stuff for every third world welfare recipient who can point to Minnesota on a map is the right thing to do here in the Socialist welfare Village. Vote for more free stuff early and often. No-ID required

    2. Martin Caine says:

      ….No…ity’s people like Trump……and you………..

      1. James Fitch says:

        Actually it’s wet-backs like you, foo.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Couldn’t find anything but small blurb on the other local sites. Proud of your fairness. TRUMP for the people!

    1. Martin Caine says:

      …Trump has demonstrated time & time again over many years he is only looking out for HIMSELF………that’s what narcissists do……….it is pathologically naive to believe otherwise……

  3. For the sake of our Great Nation, please vote Trump. Stop this nonsense of immigrants coming over abusing the welfare system, for God’s sake even trying to make the food shelves more accommodating to their own ethnic foods. Really? I though the food shelves was to help people, families from Starving! Obama and Clinic alike are bringing over tens of thousands of immigrants. Ever ask the question why? Hmmm……

  4. Trump has no criminal past. Hillary has 28 separate investigations by the FBI for crimes. Trump is the only one who hasn’t been a politician. Hillary has been in politics for 38 years and has accomplished nothing but scandals and criminal activity. I’m voting Trump.

  5. I already voted for Hillary. She has been under attack for decades, with hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money wasted trying to find her guilty of a crime. She has done nothing illegal. A GOP witch hunt has wasted our taxpayer money and accomplished nothing. She fights for families and children and deserves to be President.

    1. She’s done nothing illegal? She lied to the FBI, that’s a felony by the way. For some reason they are not charging her where others have been. As for her work with children and families. Do you recall the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act? Pasted by her husband and supported by her, it drove thousands of poor families deeper into poverty. Yeah she’s great…..

  6. I know a few people in Minneapolis and they’re voting Clinton. I, for one, think it’s time we had an insane fascist that’s disconnected from reality and who would appoint yes-men to all the top positions including military and law enforcement and encourages illegal hacking and attacks detractors with every means at his disposal and who would destroy millions of jobs and create trillions in new debt and thinks the National Enquiror is a good source of info and attacks free speech and free press and would try to discredit elections as president of the United States, but I just can’t get over his tiny hands.

  7. Trump supporters should understand that he thinks you are stupid.

    In his speech, where he, not so subtly, called for you to assassinate Hillary, what did he call you?

    He called you “…those second amendment people.”

    Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. It isn’t just people who are passionate about their Second Amendment rights that he despises and disrespects. It’s all the voters that can be manipulated into voting for him. Even if they oppose everything you hold dear, he wants their votes, no matter what it takes. Trump couldn’t care less about constitutional amendments, or constitutional law, or laws in general. He cares about Trump. And Trump’s above the law. He can ask a foreign intelligence service to “find” his opponent’s emails, or even suggest his supporters murder her, and there are no consequences. So, why should he be concerned?

    But remember, when he says that all he has to do is “mention the wall,” when you’re getting bored during a rally, or that he could murder someone and “not lose a single vote,” he’s talking about you, his “useful idiots.”

    And, speaking of immigration and “the wall,” what did he say?

    “I’ll build a great wall…” And make Mexico pay for it?

    Do you believe him? Does he think you are an idiot? Of course he does.

    I, on the other hand, don’t believe all Trump supporters are stupid. Some are merely ignorant of the facts.

    Ignorance and stupidity are dreadful social maladies.

    One is treatable, the other is terminal.

    Now, even at this late juncture, let’s see those tax returns.

    1. Erik

      You sir are ignorant.

      “called for you to assassinate Hillary” – If you had critical thinking skills, you would be able to digest what he said within the entire context of the conversation, and come to a different conclusion. One where it was a call to people who value their constitutional rights and will rise to stop this attack on our most basic bill of rights. Only a half whit who takes pieces of text out of context and allows other people to think for you would arrive at your conclusion that he “not so subtly” called for as assassination attempt.

      “I’ll build a great wall…” And make Mexico pay for it? Do you believe him?” – Do you know Mr. Trump wrote a book about how to negotiate. And once again, if you had any critical thinking skills perhaps you might conclude that this is a negotiation strategy. Maybe if you were in charge of negotiating a deal, you would start at halfway point and work towards getting 25% of what you want. Mr. Trump on the other hand comes to the table with everything. Its called leverage if and when the time comes for Mr. Trump to sit at a table with Mexico and work out a deal. Not to mention it has drawn a serious reaction from the silent majority, so why in the heck wouldn’t you repeat that phrase over and over.

      “Ignorance and stupidity are dreadful social maladies.” I agree with this. Ignorance of your champion’s past is truly stupid. Do you disagree corruption of government is a bad thing? Perhaps take this into consideration when you cast your vote for the most corrupt presidential nominee in history tomorrow. I don’t think you’ll be able to comprehend fully everything that that woman has done, however, based on your comments thus far.