By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Outside Covenant Church in Edina, some voters were excited on Election Day, others were glad it was over.

Many were eager to find out who the next president of the United States will be.

Joe Fleischman, 83, wasn’t about to let long lines at the polls deter people from voting. He made cookies to help make the process a little easier.

“I did this in 2004 and had a ball,” he said. “I thought I’d do it again.”

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The line was out the door and around the block at Peter Hobart Elementary in St. Louis Park when the polls opened at 7 a.m.

Voters waited close to 90 minutes to cast their ballots, but the lines quickly thinned as the morning went on.

“I think both of the candidates are very different from one another and people have strong opinions both ways, so I think there will be strong feelings regardless of the outcome,” said Suzanne Brophy, a St. Louis Park resident.

But no matter which politician people voted for, voters all agreed the right to choose was a privilege.

“My father was an immigrant, came from Greece, never missed an election,” said Lenny Checheris, a Chanhassen resident. “Hopefully I can bring that up with my kids too, so they’re involved in the election process.”

Minnesota is known for having one of the highest voter turnout rates in the country. We had the top turnout in 2008.

The polls close on Election Day at 8 p.m.

Kate Raddatz

  1. We will be stuffing those boxes all day. No-ID required. We do not care what country you are a citizen of. We have interpreters available to make sure you get on the right buses to each of the polls on your list. We know it will be a long day to get to each of the polls on your list, but: Mark , Amy, and Kieth will be handing out cash welfare checks at selected polling places through out the day. Minneapolis Public Housing Authority and the Met Council will be holding your subsidized high rise suites and town homes rent free for all our foreign nationals who will be returning home overseas after a hard day voting. We regret that your monthly cash welfare payments cannot as yet be sent directly to you overseas, but we are happy to pay your airfare both ways each time , and have them awaiting your pick-up each time you return to the USA. Anyone who can point to Minnesota on a map is entitled to free healthcare, free housing, EBT cards, cash payments, interpreters, legal aid, schools, and social services as well as entitlement to preferential hiring, training and promotions: at least as long as you are a non-white non-citizen. That is as it should be. It is the right thing to do here in the Socialist Welfare Village.