MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota has chosen a presidential nominee. According to the Associated Press, the state’s 10 electoral college votes will go to Hillary Clinton, giving her 228.

It’s little consolation to Clinton, who lost the presidential election to Donald Trump.

Election Results: U.S. Presidential Race (Minnesota)

Minnesota spent much of 2016 hovering between a likely Democratic state and a toss-up still leaning toward Clinton. With 100 percent of precincts reporting as of 5 a.m. Tuesday, Clinton led Donald Trump by about 41,000 votes. Clinton won 47 percent of the vote in Minnesota to Trump’s 45 percent. But an official winner for the state has not been declared.

The most recent time Minnesota went for the GOP candidate was in the 1972 election, when the state tipped toward Richard Nixon, also the incumbent in that race.

Election Results: Other Minnesota Races

Trump made a last-minute stop in Minnesota on Sunday, speaking to supporters at a Sun Country Airlines hangar, and his running mate Mike Pence stopped in Duluth the day after.

Kate Raddatz

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  1. Within 23,000 votes. You liberals have not been giving enough away to buy, I mean appease, your system sucking voters.tsk tsk
    Dig into your own pockets next time as we have had enough .

  2. WCCO clings on to this irrelevant story. Minnesota is going CONSERVATIVE and WCCO is having a fit. Here comes the hundred stories to find a bright spot for liberals. Hillary is a felon. She should have been behind bars many years ago.

  3. All is not lost. We still have Dayton, Keith Ellison, mayor Betsy, Al and Amy, and our new Somali Muslim Terrorist from Cedar Riverside here in the Socialist Welfare Village. They all get participation awards and there’s time for a special session; so let the free stuff, higher taxes, and nignog killings in north Minneapolis resume.