MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Students at Maple Grove High School are speaking out following an act of racist vandalism Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, a vandal, or vandals, wrote racist messages containing “whites only,” “white America” and “Trump” in a boys’ bathroom on school grounds. The photos quickly circulated across social media, causing outrage.


On Thursday morning as students arrived at school, several began writing messages of support and love to be posted around the school. Soon, the hashtag #crimsonfamily began trending on Twitter.


Following the incident on Wednesday, the Osseo Area Schools provided a statement, saying in part that officials were horrified.

“It goes against everything we stand for, and it is completely contrary to our core values as a district and individual school,” the statement read.

On Thursday, the Maple Grove Police Department announced they will be assisting in the investigation, stating “This type of behavior is highly offensive, will not be tolerated and does not reflect the views of the Maple Grove community.”

According to the Star Tribune, a group of students held a discussion with parents and Osseo High School students about what more can be done.

They plan to host a walk out on Friday afternoon.

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  1. We should shut down those schools for a week to track down the vandals, like they did in north Minneapolis when a student doodled in the margin of a text book. This is much more serious than the black gang violence in the Twin Cities public schools. The guns. The rabid assaults on teachers that put them in the hospital with permanent brain injuries. We need to make our colored students feel special. We need to segregate them in magnet schools where we can spend four times what is spent on normal schools yet delivers substandard education, Like we do in north Minneapolis, the Hmong School, like the Somali only school for Cedar Riverside. More money and mandatory sensitivity training staff for all schools with free snacks and brunch in addition to free breakfast and lunch. We need our Socialist Welfare Village legislators to allocate another extra half billion dollars to the diversity gap next session ,,, like they did last session … and the session before. More money and free stuff will fix anything here in the Socialist Welfare Village. Maybe if we can get children into free full time government union pre-pre-pre-pre-school at the age of six months we can indoctrinate them all to become good Socialist Welfare Party members and not have problems like this in the future.

    1. memphisgrass says:

      Did you get suspended?