MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Just because Mall of America is closed on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean they’re bailing on Black Friday.

Officials from the Bloomington megamall say they are opening with a bang Friday at 5 a.m., with Santa on hand to greet and treat the first 200 customers to an MOA gift card.

Those lucky 200 people will also get free coffee and Cinnabon before perusing more than 520 stores. Officials also say the new Enchanted Snowflake Light Show experience and 11-foot Nutcrackers will give shoppers an extra, magical bonus.

MOA announced in early October that they will close at noon on Thanksgiving to give 15,000 workers a proper holiday with their loved ones. REI stores are also thwarting what retail experts have dubbed the “Christmas Creep,” and will close on Thursday for the second year in a row.

The mall closes Thursday after the Walk To End Hunger, but Macy’s, Sears and The Crayola Experience will remain open.

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