MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Sunday, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady earned his 201st career win – good for best all-time. Peyton Manning previously held the record, but right below him? Brett Favre, at 199 (including postseason).

The former Vikings and Packers quarterback took to the internet to congratulate Brady Monday, but his response was… less than enthusiastic.

“Hey Tom, just wanted to say congratulations on 201. Wow, what an achievement,” Favre said in a video on sqor.com, a social media site aimed at athletes and sports fans. “You’re the best, man. Congrats and best of luck the rest of the year.”

It sounds nice, until you watch the video. Seemingly standing in the middle of the woods, Favre heaps adulation on Brady with all of the fervor you would expect from a quarterback who was sacked over 500 times in his nearly two decades in the league.

Maybe Favre was upset at another quarterback passing his career wins record (Manning broke it with the Denver Broncos’ victory over the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50). Maybe it was just a quick promotional video — Favre sits on the board of directors of Sqor and is wearing a Sqor shirt in the video.

Whatever the reason, Favre did not look thrilled that another QB is adding to his resume as the best of all time.