MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After a weekend that included temperatures way south of zero degrees, the Twin Cities is expected to experience temperatures in the low-20s Monday.

“It took until 11 p.m. (Sunday) for our temperature to get above zero after spending most of the day well below that,” meteorologist Matt Brickman said.

The warming is expected to continue into the week, too.

Tuesday should see temperatures above freezing, with a high of 35° expected, which means minor melting will happen. Snow to the north and a high temp of 31 is expected Wednesday.

Temperatures again cool down beginning Saturday (the beginning of Hanukkah), with snow possible on Sunday (Christmas day).

On Sunday morning, the coldest air temperature in Minnesota was recorded at -38° in Embarrass, Minnesota. The coldest wind chill temperature goes to Bagley, however, at -55°.

Another fun fact: Tuesday’s above-freezing temperatures will be Minnesota’s first time above 32° in two weeks (Dec. 6).