MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republicans in control of the Wisconsin state Legislature are considering splitting up the Department of Natural Resources, scattering parks, forestry, environmental, hunting and fishing programs among three existing agencies and two new ones.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports Thursday that lawmakers behind the plan say they’re pursuing the dramatic change because the DNR is not working in its current form.

And Gov. Scott Walker tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he sees the plan as worth pursuing.

Republicans have tried to break up the DNR in the past but have fallen short. The plans have traditionally met with opposition from outdoor clubs and environmental groups.

The latest proposal comes from state Rep. Adam Jarchow, a Republican from Balsam Lake.

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Comments (2)
  1. Stan Lister says:

    right they want to do this because the DNR is not working-more like they want to do this so the DNR won’t work.

  2. Maybe Wisconsin shares our problem of money slated for DNR purposes being funneled off to build Stadiums for the Socialist Welfare Party elite.