MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It still costs more to make a penny than the penny is actually worth.

A spokesman for the U.S. Mint says it cost 1.5 cents to make a penny in 2016. That’s the first time costs have been up since 2011.

The mint says there’s no metal alternative to cut the cost below face value.

The story is the same for a nickel, which actually costs 8 cents to produce.

On the other hand, each dime costs just under 4 cents to produce.

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  1. Did you know the US Mint wastes more money on failed experiments and overhead, per tax dollar, than any other federal agency? Wonder why they keep bringing up the cost to produce change? Because your beloved globalist liberals want to go full digital. They want to control your money. Take it away with a stroke of a key. Make you instantly poor and subservient to them.

  2. Craig Wilson says:

    But the poorly educated republican Trump followers want to keep them. There is absolutely no need for them. Just like Saturday mail service. A big waste of tax dollars. But no, the republicans keep spending and adding to the debt.