MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton said the U.S. bank Stadium faces a “security issue” following this weekend’s protest incident during a Minnesota Vikings game.

A man and a woman climbed onto a truss on the roof of the stadium and unfurled a giant banner protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline during the Vikings’ game against the Chicago Bears.

“How somebody can get climbing ropes and tackle through the security system that exists there is something they’ll have to find out and prevent from happening again,” Dayton said, talking with WCCO Radio’s Dave Lee. “It was an extraordinarily dangerous stunt (and) put people — not only the two people involved but people in the stands below it — at very serious risk. Whatever lapses made that possible need to be corrected immediately.”

The two protesters came down on their own at the end of the game. They and a third person were arrested.

Stadium authorities issued the following statement: “We will continue to work with the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, Minnesota Vikings, Monterrey Security and local law enforcement to understand how this occurred and to ensure it does not happen again.”

A representative for the protesters announced they will be holding a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. Paul Roberts says:

    I do not agree with Gov. Dayton often, but this time he is right. The Stadium is full of thousands of people that go there to enjoy the games.. What if this was a sniper?, or bombs were planted and timed? Thousands could be killed.

  2. Gov Goofy;

    These are your liberal voters, the ones you treasure. Just invite them into your lair, offer them some ‘scripts brews and ask them to share with you the details. Easy ….