Bryan Altman

The first time Mason Crosby put a 50-plus yard kick through the uprights with under two minutes to play, it wasn’t enough to seal the deal for the Green Bay Packers against a tenacious Dallas Cowboys squad.

The second time, it was more than enough.

After Packers’ star and quarterback wunderkind Aaron Rodgers hit tight end Jared Cook on a 35-yard pass on third and 20 — a catch that will also go down in history as one of the best/most clutch ever — Crosby lined up from 51 yards once again with a chance to send the Packers to Atlanta to play for the chance to go to the Super Bowl.

Crosby drained the kick, but Cowboys coach Jason Garrett used a timeout just before the snap of the ball, rendering Crosby’s heroics moot, for the moment.

Then, Crosby lined up again, and with a little less room to spare, he nailed it again, sending the Packers’ sideline into a frenzy and into the next round of the playoffs.