MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States Friday. Political leaders in Minnesota are reacting to the beginning of a new presidential era.

Minnesota GOP Chairman Keith Downey released a brief statement following Trump’s inauguration.

“It is a proud day for America as we once again peaceably transferred power in our nation’s Capitol. People from every background and from all across the country came together to see President Donald Trump sworn into office. President Trump called us to unity of purpose and renewed his promise to fight for every American. We are optimistic and excited about the future. Republicans have been given the opportunity and the responsibility to lead, and we will get to work for the American people.”

Predictably, DFL Charman Ken Martin took a different view of President Trump, preaching resistance to what he called “the discrimination and hatred inherent in Trump’s policies.”

“Today, as Donald Trump becomes president, the Trump Administration will start working to undo all the progress we’ve made over the past 8 years. Their reckless ideas don’t account for the very real people who will be affected by them combined with the unrestrained support by the GOP-controlled Congress creates an unknown level of fear for what our future holds. 

“But it’s not about how much we fear the uncertainty. It’s about how we transform that fear into fuel to fight the discrimination and hatred inherent in Trump’s policies so that we can protect the progress we made under President Obama’s bold leadership.

“It’s because of President Obama that we saw 75 consecutive months of job growth, we added nearly 16 million new jobs, 20 million Americans gained access to health insurance, young immigrants benefited from increased protections, more kids are graduating from high school and college than ever before, and marriage equality is the law of the land.

“As DFLers, we need to commit to protecting this progress. Today we must gather our strength, join forces, and mobilize to protect everything we’ve gained. Today, the resistance begins.”

Democratic Sen. Al Franken released a statement on Facebook, saying, regardless of politics, the peaceful transition of power is something all Americans should be proud of.

“While last year’s presidential election clearly didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, the peaceful transition of presidential power is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. For over 200 years—from George Washington to Barack Obama—presidents have voluntarily passed the power of their office on to their successors. That’s bigger than any one person, and it’s something to be proud of. Today, I’m at the inauguration to observe one of our nation’s longest and most important traditions.”

DFL Congresswoman Betty McCollum also released a statement Friday.

“President Donald Trump’s inaugural address presented a dark and frightening vision of an America divided at home and isolated in the world. Instead of appealing to the better angels of our nature, President Trump has decided to sow more division with warmed over campaign rhetoric.

“I completely reject President Trump’s disturbing vision for our country. We are already a great nation and we must protect our future from this President’s dangerous policies. There will be no Presidential honeymoon this year: I am ready to stand up to Trump now.”