MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – One day after revealing he has cancer, and two days after collapsing at the State Capitol, Gov. Mark Dayton was out and about Wednesday.

At 8:45 a.m. he spoke at the Safe and Supportive Schools Conference at the University of Minnesota.

Dayton did see a Mayo Clinic doctor Tuesday about his fainting spell during his State of the State address. A Mayo spokesman said the doctor thought the fainting was related to the governor standing for a long time and possible dehydration.

The Mayo spokesperson said the fainting is not related to his prostate cancer diagnosis made last week.

Dayton has appointments next week to determine a treatment plan for the cancer.

  1. Carla Oden says:

    Has anyone other than me noticed that for many yeas now Gov Goofy has hidden behind this dehydrated excuse?
    No if that is truly the issue – does anyone really believe a man whom cannot hydrate his own body, time after time again failing , that this person is thinking with a clear head?
    Of course not – but he’s the liberal version of Daffy Duck and the quakers love him dearly. Anything they want – he gives them. quack quack quack