MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Jury deliberations begin Wednesday for a man charged with shooting five Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis.

The shooting happened in November 2015 during a protest following the police shooting death of Jamar Clark.

Throughout the two-week trial jurors saw live stream videos of Allen Scarsella and his friends, and racially charged text messages Scarsella admitted sending in the months leading up to the shooting.

In closing arguments Tuesday, prosecutors said Scarsella went to the protest to cause trouble.

The defense argued Scarsella shot into the crowd because he feared for his life.

Scarsella faces multiple felony charges, including rioting and assault with a dangerous weapon.

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  1. Greg Gilbert says:

    Interesting case for me, because I see a bit of my self on trial. I don’t believe the same as Scarcella but I do consider myself a “human nature activist” and those people do get called racist a lot and would frequently get beat up if they publicly spoke out.

    I lean he will get off on all counts, but he does have a history demonstrating he might have been seeking a violent confrontation.