MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you enjoy you morning bacon, you’re not going to like this story.

Reportedly, the nation’s bacon reserves are running low — the lowest in half a century.

The Ohio Pork Council says demand for frozen pork belly, which is frequently used to make bacon, is outpacing supply.

Simply put, there are not enough piggies going to market to keep up with demand, even though pig farmers are producing more pigs than ever.

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  1. Ben Boniff says:

    We have soooo many fat and obese people in this country it is time to start cutting off that ft and frying it up for their own use. Pigs are people, piggies are piggies.

    Fat n Ugly

  2. Fake News put out by the bacon council

    Got some the other day and it was cheap, 4.50 for Boar’s head. That got up to 9 bucks a pack a couple years ago during the peak of the bacon craze when bacon was on everything.