Viewers can find these beers (and ciders) at any of the seven Total Wine & More stores in the Twin Cities metro area.

Beer list by Super Bowl party participant type:

  • Jaded Armchair Quarterback –  Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial – slightly acerbic American wild ale
  • Guest Who is There for Food – Sociable Cider Rusty Chain – Wisconsin cranberry cider
  • Football Newbie – Lift Bridge Brotherhood Beer – American lager craft-brewed locally with the finest west coast yeast and Midwestern malts
  • The TV Yeller – Surly Todd The Axe Man – 7.2% alcohol per volume IPA – in a can in case the TV Yeller also throws things
  • The Referee (who’s taking things down a notch) – Not Your Mom’s Apple Pie – spiced apple-y- cinnamon-y beer, lighter on the alcohol at 5.5% per volume
  • Biggest Beer Snob – Bell’s HopSlam Ale – American Double IPA with aromas of citrus hops, pine and a background of caramel malt carrying to the palate with a hint of honey at the finish

Folks who want to up their beer game can also attend a Beer Class at local stores…topics vary as does cost…you can learn more at:


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