MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Officials said Tuesday that after more than 100 people were tested, no new cases of tuberculosis have been found at St. Louis Park High School.

Superintendent Rob Metz said 100-plus staff and students were tested for potential tuberculosis last week. Those tested were identified as school community members who were most likely to have been in close contact and had potential exposure with tuberculosis at the school back in the fall.

School officials said, with the advisement from Hennepin County Public Health, that there will be follow-up protocols to make sure those who could have had exposure to tuberculosis are fully evaluated. It’s not known if additional cases of latent tuberculosis were found, because thousands of people have latent TB cases that are unknown and it does not spread.

The identity of the person who had TB cannot be released because of privacy laws. Tuberculosis is a highly infectious and potentially fatal disease that affects the lungs.  It’s among a group of diseases constantly monitored by state health officials.

There are about 1,400 students taking class at the high school building, which is where the infected person was when tested positive for TB.