MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police have arrested someone in connection with recent anti-Semitic graffiti on the University of Minnesota campus.

University police said Thursday they took a student into custody, identified as Matthew Gruber, on suspicious of vandalizing part of the 17th Avenue Residence Hall.

Gruber, 18, allegedly drew a swastika on a desk in a public part of the residence hall.

“The University of Minnesota condemns all acts of hate on our campus,” a university representative said. “We are a community that values respect, inclusion and diversity. Hate is not welcome here.”

Police said the student has been enrolled at the U since last autumn.

There have been seven incidents of anti-Semitic graffiti or propaganda on campus, according to the school’s Bias Response and Referral Network. In one case earlier this month, a drawing on a Jewish student’s dry erase board stated “Nazis Rule,” written above a swastika and what appeared to be a concentration camp.

Gruber was released from custody and has not been formally charged. The Minneapolis City Attorney is currently reviewing the case.

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  1. Ben Boniff says:

    Oh Allen – y’all got yer undies all knotted up again about nuttin’.
    What’s being stated is pretty simple puddycat—- you and your loveable liberals get to have your fun yet when the other ugly side shows up you want them taken apart. Now go put on some man clothes lil’ boy and cease the crying

    1. Thanks for playing imbecile coward.

  2. Police Union President Kroll, aka Ben Boniff.

    1. Jeff Mannino says:

      the Pup is a cool guy that backs up his members. thus doing his job thought you libs all loved unions

  3. Jeff Mannino says:

    Kids troll all the time.. 18 yr old is clearly immature and is suffering the repercussions of that behavior. The fact it makes national news every time is just the constant pushing of the narrative that this country is full of white racists.

  4. Joe Smo says:

    In the article, the student was named. This is grossly irresponsible as he has not yet been charged with a crime and CBS eternally branded a possibly innocent man as a Nazi.
    Now, I am an Ashkenazi Jew and personally know Gruber. Watching this incident unravel has proven that the University of Minnesota has lost touch with reality. Gruber has been banned from 17th Avenue and is subject to an ongoing police investigation. All for drawing two squiggly lines on a table. Any Jew who is offended by this action, made in jest, should take a hard look around the world and put things into perspective. Hamas, a democratically elected regime, advocates for the genocide of Jewish people in Article Seven of “The Charter of Hamas.” Iran has previously fired ballistic missiles inscribed with the phrase, “Israel must be wiped out.” ISIS has repeatedly called for the genocide of Jews. That’s real antisemitism. Antisemitism isn’t jokingly scrawling a swastika made of hand sanitizer on a table.
    As for Gruber’s character, I could not detail a more compassionate individual. I have endured hardships with him as a brother. He has aided me time and time again when others were all too happy to turn a blind eye. Throughout our entire relationship, my Semitism was known, understood, and never affected our relationship in any way. Now, Gruber’s life may be ruined over a benign joke. What an inane university we attend if this is what constitutes as a hateful crime. How can our university simultaneously smash jokes and free speech while claiming to support intellectual plasticity? It can’t, and it doesn’t. The University of Minnesota has made clear that it values political correctness as the highest pillar of academia.
    The counter-argument will certainly be made that Gruber is in trouble for allegedly vandalizing a table. Any student who lives in a dorm hall knows this is ludicrous. Every single Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night I return to a vandalized building with broken exit signs, smoke stains, and food and vomit spilled on the floor. An acquaintance of mine peed in an elevator. Every incident is quickly resolved, and nobody ever gets punished. The only difference was that in this one case, Gruber made a joke that went too far. He obviously surpassed public urination and underage drinking in heinousness. He drew two lines. And he now faces a possible misdemeanor or felony and was removed from his place of residence. Our university has thrown common sense out the window, and its respectability will soon follow.