MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The NBA trade deadline has come and gone. And despite all the rumors, the Minnesota Timberwolves did not make any moves. Why not?

Timberwolves boss Tom Thibodeau says his team never really came close to making a deal, but there were plenty bandied about.

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“You know, this time of the year you listen to everyone and, you know, we felt that, you know, we’re good where we are,” Thibodeau said.

Shabazz Muhammad was reportedly available, and for the 397th year in a row, Ricky Rubio’s name was again swirling.

But ultimately, Thibodeau felt that no deal was worth doing.

Ricky Rubio (credit: CBS)

Ricky Rubio (credit: CBS)

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“You look at everything, you know, from a broad view,” Thibodeau said. “Does it make sense, you know, immediately short-term, or does it make sense long-term? And if it does, you study it and you make a decision.”

Thibodeau says it was not so much about prioritizing the present or the future, but that there just wasn’t a deal to do that he thought would’ve helped either.

“If something made sense we would have done it, but it had to make sense, and it had to make us better,” Thibodeau said.

ESPN’s Marc Stein reported the New York Knicks were prepared to trade Derrick Rose to the Wolves for Rubio straight up at the deadline. But that the Wolves said no, preferring to stick with Rubio.

The Spaniard was happy he was not traded, but was clearly weary of the constant rumors.

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“We’re professionals, but we’re human beings, too,” Rubio said. “We have feelings, but I know this is a business and it has to be like that.”