MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Apple Valley police cited a 70-year-old man earlier this month for disorderly conduct after he was accused of threatening fellow moviegoers with a holstered gun.

Police say an officer responded to an unnamed movie theater on the night of Feb. 11 on a report of a dispute.

Employees say a group of people were sitting behind a man and his wife. The people in the group were talking as the movie began, and the 70-year-old man stood up and repeatedly told them to “shut the f— up,” while touching his holstered weapon.

The group argued with the man until employees asked them all to leave the building.

Police found out who the man was and went to his home. They say the man first denied going to the theater, and then admitted he was actually there.

He also told police that he had his holster at the theater, but did not have his gun. He could not explain why he was wearing an empty holster. The man did have a conceal-and-carry permit.