ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Minnesota dentists say the state is facing a worst-in-the-nation dental crisis, and they are mounting a “Help Minnesota Smile” campaign at the Captiol.

The state ranks dead last in funding for pediatric dental services for the poor.

“Right now, Minnesota should be too embarrassed to smile,” Minnesota Dental Association president Dr. Kevin Dens said. “Ranked last in the nation is just not the way we do things in Minnesota.”

The Minnesota Dental Association is asking the legislature to spend 100 million dollars to raise the reimbursement rate. Because it’s so low, many clinics can’t treat poor patients, who end up in emergency rooms.

Comments (3)
  1. Now this is a story I can’t sink my teeth into!

  2. Jack Hackney says:

    Seriously – when can we CEASE being the nanny to any and all??
    We grew up pizzz poor, and some things were deferred. Like extra dental. We got jobs (yep-worked) when older and paid for things, often times taking years to pay off that dental bill.

    Check out what is the among the most LUCRATIVE professions anywhere. Yep – these grossly over-charging dentists. Charge less and finance. Issue solved even for the poorest.
    I’m fed up funding everyone elses problems when I have my own

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