By Jennifer Mayerle

ROGERS, Minn. (WCCO) — The third Rogers High School student hit by a truck while getting on the school bus went home Friday.

Beckett Olson along with classmates Gretta Jenson and Ian Orina were struck in mid-January. The driver has been charged in the accident. WCCO was with Beckett when he left the hospital and started this new chapter at home.

“I can’t believe you came in here with a wheelchair and you’re walking out with just one crutch,” one of Beckett’s therapists said to him.

(credit: CBS)

Beckett Olson (credit: CBS)

“Yep, feels great,” responded Beckett Olson.

Beckett spent weeks at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. It’s where therapists helped him learn to walk again, and talk. And so saying so long was bittersweet for the 15-year-old.

“They were really, the therapists were kind,” Beckett Olson said.

But rounding the corner heading home was incredible. Beckett loves bowties. And there they were, lining his street.

“It sort of made it easier to be home, it was a nice welcome,” Beckett Olson said.

The constant support has helped his family since the beginning.
“It was scary for us because he wasn’t awake and knowing and we had to reassure ourselves we’ve got you Beckett. We said that to each other over and over and at the accident scene,” mom Leslie Olson said.

Beckett’s recovery was long and arduous, and it continues. His parent’s journey is one marked by milestones.

“I remember the first time he opened his eyes. First steps, just learning all those things again it was tough,” dad Nate Olson said.

“The first time he laughed at something that was actually funny, he’s coming back, he’s coming back and it was such a reassurance because we didn’t know with the severeness of his brain injury what was going to come back. And they always told us he will never be the same kid again and we didn’t know to what extent that would be. He’s not the same I think he’s better,” Leslie Olson said.

Beckett showed an inner strength that kept him moving forward to make it to this day. He’s grateful for everyone who pulled for him along the way.

“I’m better so that’s good and thanks for the support. It’s helped me through it all,” Beckett Olson said.

Beckett will continue therapy two times a week, at least through June. He goes back to Rogers High School Monday.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with medical expenses.

Jennifer Mayerle