By Jennifer Mayerle

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (WCCO) — People around the world are praying for a young Minnesota girl with cancer.

“The support was amazing, all sorts of messages and well wishes, we’re praying for you, we hope it’s going well,” mom Angie Evenson said.

WCCO first introduced you to Rose Evenson and her family in December. She and her sisters run to the window each week to wave to the garbage men. It was a story that showed how a gesture by the guys made a difference for the family in the midst of Rose’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

Many of you asked to know how she’s doing. So WCCO’s Jennifer Mayerle and photographer Dave Porter traveled to Sanford Children’s Specialty Clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to be there for her latest chemo treatment.

Rose Evenson loves going for a spin. She has a whole troop following her, and startling her from time to time.

rose evenson At The Castle, Family Rallies Around Young Minnesota Girl With Cancer

(credit: CBS)

It’s in “the castle” that the now 4-year-old comes for one-day visits, and other times for a six-day stretch for chemotherapy.

“Rose does better here than we do at the castle,” dad Aaron Evenson said.

Mom Angie and dad Aaron are there with her, along with baby brother Lincoln. Often Aunt Amber is in town from Arizona to help lighten the load. Aunt April helps too.

“We come out of the hospital very drained because of the effort to keep it upbeat and happy and fun for Rose because the reality is we have to come,” Angie Evenson said.

The entire family is separated during the stays. Sisters Sophia and Grace stay with grandparents. It’s been this way since doctors diagnosed Rose with stage 4 kidney cancer last September.

“I feel like we’re gradually getting used to the routine of all of this, which is kind of sad. We never wanted this to be our routine. We didn’t want this to be our life,” Aaron Evenson said.

But this is where they’re at. And the Evensons realize there’s no way around it. Only through it.

“Angie and I, we’re, how can we get out of this, I don’t want to go back to the hospital. Is there any other way?” Aaron Evenson said. “You know there’s not but your brain goes there,” Angie Evenson said.

The last time they were at the castle, they had to be airlifted there after Rose had a reaction to her treatment. True panic set in.

“She was so, just lifeless with no sign of improvement for a week,” Angie Evenson said.

“She didn’t talk for two or three days, which you can’t imagine Rose not talking,” Aaron Evenson said.

And it’s witnessing the pain that Angie admits brings her to her knees.

“It is crushing to be helpless, truly. It just crushes your spirit,” Angie Evenson said.

Their faith sees them through the times that seem impossible to move past.

“I don’t know how people do it without faith in the Lord because we’re just barely holding on,” Aaron Evenson said.

“And we would be lying to say that doubts aren’t there, and so it’s kind of like He’s holding onto us more than we’re holding on to Him,” Angie Evenson said.

“I rest in that, we rest in that and Rosie trusts that God is in control. She believes that he is a healer,” Aaron Evenson said.

Strength comes from little things, like seeing Rose’s eyebrows grow back, and from a growing community of support that holds them up and continues to see them through this journey.

So many people have wanted to follow Rose’s journey the family set up a Facebook page to follow called Pray for Rosie.

There is also a GoFundMe to help the family with medical expenses.


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