MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A murder occurred in Minneapolis Monday.

Well, sort of.

Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den is officially dead, according to its Facebook page.

On Monday, the company that owns Psycho Suzi’s and Betty Danger’s Country Club said the brother bar had closed, and will be opening up as something more, well, adult.

Enter Mr. Steven’s Snuggery.

Leslie Bock, who owns Suzi’s and Betty’s, will own Steven’s as well. It will open in the same location as Donny Dirk’s but with more focus on the living.

The theme is described as “adult drinkertainery,” or “a cross between low tech Godzilla and high brow hookers (without the hookers) who are in love with outer space.” There will also be a big focus on the adult content.

While it’s unclear what exactly the decor will look like, it is clear the beverage menu will contain martinis.

The new space will be adult only (it’s rated R).

An opening date has not yet been set. But you can be sure you’ll see, probably more than you need, when it is.