MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The internet has produced what could arguably be described as the most punk rock proposal picture of all time.

Taken at a music festival last week in Dallas, Texas, the photo shows a man on bended knee amid the human hurricane of a thrash metal mosh pit. His tattooed beloved covers her mouth with her hands.

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However, the stand-out feature of the photo isn’t the reaction of the bride-to-be, but of a dancer in the foreground, who’s angrily kicking his black Vans into the air.

The look on his angst-filled face is priceless.

(credit: Samantha Waldon/ Facebook)

Indeed, the photo went rival after being posted to Facebook on Monday, along with a few other photos of the proposal. The couple could not immediately be identified.

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Reddit’s Photoshopbattles community quickly took to creating images with the photo’s star dancer. One has him performing a “Karate Kid” crane kick on a beach, another has him dancing amid a North Korean military parade.

(credit: Reddit/ xprmntng)

Not to be overlooked are the reactions of on-lookers in the mosh pit. Their faces betray a susceptibility to romance, showing a mix of surprise and elation.

(credit: Samantha Waldon/ Facebook)

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Best of luck to the young couple. May the future be filled with more glorious mosh pit photos.