MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A father and his son are facing charges after authorities discovered 120 pounds of marijuana in their vehicle during a traffic stop.

According to the criminal complaint, Kou Lor, 29, and Franck Lor, 56,  are each charged with a count of controlled substance crime in the first degree.

A state trooper pulled the two men over on Interstate 94 in Douglas County for speeding and following a semi too closely on March 24. As the trooper approached the vehicle, he saw in the back seat a large rug covering multiple suitcases.

The trooper said Kou Lor had bloodshot eyes and was exhibiting behaviors associated with cannabis use. He was driving a rental vehicle with California plates and his license had been suspended.

Kou told the trooper he and his father, Franck Lor, flew to California to visit Kou’s mother for a week and rented a car to drive back to Minnesota.

Kou Lor told the trooper his father spoke no English, but during an interview with another trooper, Franck spoke fluent English, according to the complaint. Franck’s account of the trip differed from Kou’s.

When a trooper asked Kou Lor if there was any marijuana in the vehicle, Kou said no, but a K-9 unit on scene detected narcotics.

During a search of the car, troopers found four garbage bags full of marijuana, totaling 120 pounds.

Bail for both men was set at $150,000.

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