By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota high school football coaches gather each year to talk about the game.

The annual convention brings in some 1,400 coaches, mainly from Minnesota.

And when there is a new Gopher coach, that helps drive the conversation.

At the center of the event is Minnesota Football Coach Association head Jim Dotseth, who runs the convention.

“There’s all kinds of different coaches speaking. You know, they got linebacker coaches, running back coaches, offense, defense and special teams,” Dotseth said. “So coaches will split up. You know, they’ve have their whole staff here, and whoever’s responsible for different aspects of their program.”

P.J. Fleck (credit: CBS)

It includes a booth from the University of Minnesota, where the Gophers generate conversation due to their new coach — P.J. Fleck. And the football community likes a partnership with the maroon and gold.

Fleck needs to win the hearts and minds of Minnesota’s high school football coaches if he wants to win on the field. Right now, they are intrigued.

“They’re always talking about energy, talking about running sprints at practice and all of that. So for me as a coach, I want to go see how they run practice,” said Coach Scott Fritze of East Ridge High School. “I want to see how, you know, how they’re doing drills, how are they getting their kids to match their coach’s energy.”

Because something new is why you come to the convention. You come to learn something, even if you’re long in the football tooth.

Mike Max