MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Jordan woman faces criminal charges after a Blooming Prairie police officer says she threw a Dairy Queen Blizzard in his face in March.

The criminal complaint says an officer was called to the Casey’s General Store in Blooming Prairie on the evening of March 23 on a report of a domestic dispute.

The officer arrived to find a man in the parking lot and a woman across the street at the Dairy Queen screaming at each other.

The woman, later identified as 35-year-old Melissa Ann Law, told the officer that she was just trying to walk away from the man.

The complaint says the officer asked both of them to stand in front of his squad car as he ran their names in his database. Law then allegedly started screaming at the officer before running away.

The officer yelled for Law to stop running, but then gave chase. When he caught up to her, Law allegedly threw a Blizzard she was holding in his face.

A struggle then began between the officer and Law, who resisted arrest. An off-duty officer saw the struggle and stepped in to assist.

The complaint says Law kicked both officers several times during the struggle. She refused to get into the squad car, wrapping her leg around a rear tire at one point.

Law was finally placed in the back of the squad only after a third officer arrived at the scene.

She is charged with two counts of fourth-degree assault, one of which is a felony. She is also charged with one count of fleeing police and a count of obstructing the legal process.

Law could face more than five years in jail if convicted.