DELANO, Minn. (WCCO) — Teachers and district officials in Delano are coming together in support of a controversial sign.

Rainbow colors adorn the signs as well as words like “diverse,” “accepting” and “safe space.” The teachers union distributed them to all members who then had a choice whether or not to hang them.

Some upset parents flooded the superintendent’s office with calls and emails. They felt the signs were aimed at the LGBTQ community. They think the union violated policy by posting non-school sponsored material without approval.

Both sides are now working together to be inclusive.

“It’s meant to be universal, it’s meant to be a symbol of having a conversation to that we have diverse learners, we have diverse students, we have diverse parents, we have people of all walks of life in our community and in our schools,” Superintendent Matt Schoen said.

The teachers union made the signs after someone broke into the home of an African-American student in March and spray painted racial slurs and swastikas.

Comments (5)
  1. Tim Neumann says:

    Keep categorizing people so they can feel special and this is what you get, political correctness BS. Brainwashing by liberals and do gooders to the nth degree.

  2. Greg Laden says:

    These “concerned parents” should be summarily ignored.

    But, I admit, if I had a kid in this school system I’d want to know who they are in order to protect my children from them, in caste their bully tactics bleed into the school itself.

  3. Public Education invented the “White only” drinking fountain too — it’s just a new brand of segregation that the teachers union is pushing in public schools.

    Public Education is just a state sponsored church system for liberal ideology.

  4. Children in Delano are at more of a risk of being molested by a teacher or other school person than anything else.

  5. The spray painted racial slurs and swastikas was an inside job. The cops know this to be true. It has now been proven but covered up.