MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Five-year-old Kaidyn travels an hour three times a week for therapy at Gillette Children’s Hospital.

Despite the travel time, her family said it is worth it for the great care she receives.

Kaidyn has cerebral palsy, but is already surprising doctors thanks to her determination and a little help from her siblings.

Kaidyn and Keatyn, her twin sister, are always on the move.

“This is a daily thing. That wasn’t even just today, that’s an everyday thing,” Heather Micek, Kaidyn’s mom, said.

And the fact that both are here today is remarkable. When Heather went in for her 27-week ultrasound, she was on the delivery table two hours later.

“Trying to save one baby,” Heather said. “Much less both.”

Kaidyn and Keatyn had twin-to-twin transfusion, where only one baby was getting all the nutrients.

“Keatyn was the donor baby, so she was giving all her nutrients to Kaidyn,” Heather said.

They were both weighed less than two pounds at birth.

“Miraculously, they’re both with us today,” Heather said.

The two are inseparable. Keatyn is always happy to push Kaidyn’s wheelchair to their next adventure.

But lately Kaidyn’s been up and walking on her own.

“Before she never liked to utilize her walker,” Heather said.

Last year, she had selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery for her cerebral palsy at Gillette Children’s Hospital.

“She’s not walking fully,” Heather said. “It takes at least a year to see the full effects of the surgery.”

But you can already see a difference.

“The fact that she can pedal a bike by herself is huge,” Heather said.

Her biggest motivation for walking is to be a role model for her new baby brother.

And, of course, to keep up with Keatyn.

“It’s always a fear as a mom, I want to be there every time with her to make sure she’s OK. I don’t need to do that because I have Keityn,” Heather said. “They’re always going to have each other’s backs.”