MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Medical experts are asking those who spend a lot of time outside this summer to be extra mindful of ticks.

Researchers fear they could be an even bigger problem this year due to the unusually warm winter nationwide.

The big problem with ticks comes from the bacteria, viruses and parasites they can pass along, including Lyme Disease.

Tick bites can’t always be felt, but are usually followed a few days later by a mild itching.

Common symptoms of a tick-borne sickness includes fever, chills, body aches and loss of appetite.

If bitten, the first thing to do is remove the tick.

The CDC recommends using fine-tipped tweezers, then clean the area with alcohol, followed by soap and water. Finally, save the tick if possible.

Health experts also said there’s no need to visit a doctor immediately, only if symptoms appear days or weeks later.